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Class Costs $30 and Includes Passport-type Photo and CD-ROM with class materials.

Classes Offered In South Salt Lake County, North Utah County, and Washington County by appointment only.

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iCarryUtah offers classes in Northern Utah County, Southern Salt Lake County, and Washington County, Utah by appointment only.


If you are interested in getting a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit, you have come to the right place. As a trained and certified instructor, I'll make sure that you know what you need to know, know where to find the latest Utah firearm laws and what they say, and that you understand the personal responsibility and individual accountability that come with a

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit

Our Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Classes adhere to the BCI requirements found at the Utah BCI Website here. This is NOT an NRA training course. It is is the Utah-required BCI Concealed Firearm Permit (CCW / CFP) education course. I am a Utah BCI-certified instructor for this course.

This course includes Instruction and Certification, Course Materials CD, and Passport-Type Photo. Class costs $30.

In this course, I spend some time to place a heavy emphasis on items such as Situational Awareness and AVOIDING the need to ever use a concealed firearm. A Concealed Firearm Permit does NOT make you a police officer. You should do all that you can to avoid trouble. It's there for when you do all that you can to avoid it, and yet trouble still comes looking for you.

You can find some of this information on-line here. We go into far more detail during the class.

My classes normally cost $30. I can offer a discount for private group reservations of 20 to 25 students. For location and registration information, click here.

Classes take about 4.5 to 5 hours as I offer plenty of time for questions and we cover all of the required material.

Students should NOT bring a firearm or live ammunition to class. Standard firearms handling exercises are conducted in a dry-fire environment with no live ammo in the classroom. Students are tested with real firearms (both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols) and plastic inert ammunition to demonstrate understanding of firearm safety / safe handling and the ability to operate (load, aim, discharge, unload) the firearm correctly.

If you would like to arrange live-fire testing and experience during the class, I can do that as well at a slightly higher cost due to renting a shooting range.

Students are provided with a CD-ROM with all class materials including the required course outline, Utah Laws and Information, and bonus materials covering the use of force continuum and other firearms and defensive topics - plus product reviews and recommendations.

Persons taking my class must be:

  • Law-abiding adults 21 years of age or older

  • Legal residents of the United States of America

  • Eligible to legally handle firearms (NO convicted felons / illegal drug users / persons with Domestic Violence issues / etc)

  • Meet all of the qualifications to apply for a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit as shown here.

    • If you do not meet those qualifications, please do not sign up for my class.

Students must be in attendance and attentive for the entire duration of the class.

Please bring note taking materials, and your Photo ID (Driver License or State ID Card).

Please also note that the entire class is handled in English.

To apply for your permit, you will need to submit the following to BCI:

  • Your application with my stamp and signature which are provided upon successful completion of the class.

  • A photocopy of your State-issued Driver License or Identification Card.

  • A set of fingerprints on an approved blue & white fingerprint card.

    • I recommend that you get this directly at BCI or a local police department.

  • A passport-type photo (2" x 2" with your name printed on the back).

I recommend that you get the fingerprints taken care of at BCI when you drop off your permit application. You know that the fingerprints were done correctly by a professional when you get them done there. Their information is at http://publicsafety.utah.gov/bci/PublicServices.html. Fingerprints are $15. You can also get blue and white fingerprint cards taken at many Sheriff or PD offices (see the link to the right).

The Utah Fee for applying is payable to BCI and is $39.00 for Utah Residents and $49.00 for non-Utah residents. You pay that fee when you drop off the application at BCI.

Please note - If you are not a Utah resident and live in a state where Concealed Firearm Permits are avaialble - you must obtain your home state permit FIRST and include a copy of it with your Utah Permit Application.

Renewals are only $15.00 every 5 years with a new passport-type photo and renewal application submitted. There is no re-certification course required.

Other Courses:

I also offer NRA Firearm Training Courses. I am certified to teach Pistol, Home Firearms Safety, and Personal Protection in the Home. You can learn more about these classes and contact me about them here.

Whatever you decide and wherever you take your training, I recommend that you keep training and learning. There are a lot of good classes out there that can further enhance your knowledge, abilities, and confidence.

I also recommend that you join the NRA. Add your voice to those of others in keeping the 2nd Amendment strong, and take advantage of the great technical and reference information available in the NRA magazines and publications. Click on this photo and save $10 on a membership or renewal sponsored by iCarryUtah.com.

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Class Schedule

    If you would like to arrange for a private course for a family, business group, church group, etc. please contact me at PrivateClasses@iCarryUtah.com. Please note that the costs will differ from those seen to the left.

What Is The Course Outline?

Who Is Eligible For A Utah Concealed Firearm Permit?

Required Forms

  • Utah CFP Application Form - FIRST TIME APPLICANT FORM (08/2015)

  • Utah RENEWAL CFP Application Form (08/2015)

  • Utah REPLACEMENT CFP Application Form (08/2015)

  • Where Can I Get Fingerprints If I Can't Get To BCI in Salt Lake County?

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